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Ep 6: The Current State of In House Recruitment


In this episode Matt Alder talks to Jamie Leonard Founder of Reconverse

Reconverse is a successful boutique networking and events company for in-house recruiters that is just about to celebrate 100 round table events. Chairing these round table discussions gives Jamie a unique perspective on the industry and in the interview he gives us his take on the in house resourcing market. Matt and Jamie discuss numerous topics in this area including recruiter skill shortages, what’s new in recruitment technology, categorisation in the ATS market and a potentially terrifying game changer for established job boards.

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6 Responses
  1. Jacob Sten Madsen

    First and foremost. Probably no one or at least few that like Jamie and Reconverse drive the wider talent acquisition agenda, and for that deserve huge applause. The Reconverse events are fantastic and should be on the diary of any in house recruiter. That said I have to take up some of comments made. The market. It may be that various political parties wish to portray that all is well and we are on a good path of recovery and with that the in house recruitment market picking up and demands for good in house people increasing. The barometer of http://www.changeboard is a good indicator of what is exactly going on and at time of writing this stand at 122 open inhouse roles. Of these take away at least 50% as those that always there (RPO’s, the Hays, the Randstad and those that seem to never get filled) and you get a true picture. Numbers are in comparison to same time last year either the same or lower why sorry folks the market is in terms of number of inhouse roles not showing the claimed buoyancy and strong demand. I know of quite a few good people in the market looking and finding it difficult and with every single HR agency that advertise in-house roles not even responding to application the reality is that it is n o t a candidate lead market. As for referrals, look around see what the wider world of corp recruitment is doing, what they push for in respect to this, it is THE hot ticket and where anyone with the wits about them can pick up candidates at the push at the button. If Jamie and others not seeing or understanding the huge opportunity of this then they need to look up, read up on what others do and say, because it is one of the most important aspects. If making claims of having a good insight into the market, being the one driving the agenda for in-house conversations then can we please look at where the conversation should truly be, who may be driving the forefront of it rather than have views and perspectives that sorry to say are not necessarily in tune with what need to be done. It could be that what Jamie referring to is the status quo of today’s market what most are doing, and that we know is for many many inhouse teams and corporates still stuck in 3 years ago and not even on the starting block, a huge problem and challenge for the industry and for the companies themselves as they are losing out which will eventually cost them. The wider TA agenda hold so much potential, so many topics and so much that could and should be discussed, why it would be good Matt if you and others start to circle around those and with that elevate the entire discussion.

  2. Thanks for listening Jacob and thanks for commenting. In terms of referrals I completely recognise the vital importance they play, however we were talking specifically about some of the automated referral platforms on the market which promise much but as yet have failed to gain much market share. I absolutely believe that the tech will improve and adoption will eventually explode but as yet it hasn’t happen. I’ve just done a big research project into this market on behalf of one of my clients and Jamie has just run a whole Reconverse event dedicated to referral platform vendors so it was something that was top of mind for both of us

  3. Jamie

    I believe, strongly, that referrals are a big deal right now, and are what Matt would call a Mega Trend for 2016-17. Are companies scaling the process? Not really, and that’s an issue. Is the tech there? Not yet. The biggest issue holding referrals back is the ability to stay the whole course. So, day 1 of company referral program goes like this: We have the fliers, we have the posters, we have the bounty, we have the balloons to celebrate the launch, we have the email from the CEO to promote it. Day 2 goes like this………… And that’s the issue. It needs ongoing comms. The best example I’ve is a sales company I know that parked a Harley Davidson in their reception. Would anyone actually buy a Harley in that company if they were given the cash? No, but the person that got their name draw out a hat for making a referral was going to win one. And each person had to walk past it EVERY day, break and lunch, all year. It put it front of mind constantly. That’s key.

    1. Jacob Sten Madsen

      Spot on Jamie, it has to be ‘in the face’ of the participants and players on a constant basis, ‘out of sight out of mind’ kind of thing.

  4. Jacob Sten Madsen

    As with absolutely everything and in the name of what I term ‘the holistic approach’ n o t h i n g can and will thrive if no sponsors and no drivers of whatever initiatives. As with ‘nothing comes from doing nothing’ it is essential that once a program is set and launched that it has ‘ambassadors’ and co-sponsors to actually make it happen on a daily basis. So much is written about various solutions in theory, but actual guides as to what needs to be done day 1-30, 30-60 etc. are few and far between and that is where things are falling apart. Analogy is social media where in reality very few people and those that are involved understand what need to be done and how. Those that are good at say referrals or social media are those that either have some background and experiences in actually implementing it or those that are emulating what others have done and upon their success or failures. We have to get the conversation from theory to practice and start putting ‘how to’ how to solutions together if we are to have a chance of bringing something from table theory to actually yielding results. Finally as with everything and applying across the board for those that may be successful, trial and error and iterations are all part of a learning process and there are numerous examples of that happening every single day and everywhere, from Apple product development to becoming best in class when it comes to referral schemes. Get on with it and doing it is what matters and then along the way fine tune and improve.

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